Pearl Lake State Park
Updated September 16, 2009
Early Summer Headquarters at Hahn's Peak, CO Part II
The next four or five summers the Hartt family lived at the Old Ranger Station east
of Hahn's Peak Village, which is now under the waters of Steamboat Lake.  From
L to R:  Grandad Spragg (Minnie Pearl Hartt's father), Pearl, Marie & Lou.
In the summer of 1926, the Hartt family moved into their very own "Hartt Family
Headquarters" on Lester Creek. This is a 1979 photo - Originally the entire house
was covered with split slabs.  By the mid 1930's the wood peckers had made many
holes in the upper part so the green shingles were added.

In those early days ('26-40's) they used karosene lanterns - cooking was done on a
big coal and wood range - cold water was piped into the kitchen sink from a sunken
barrel in a nearby ditch.  The house was "modernized" through the years, but never
really changed.