Pearl Lake State Park
Updated September 16, 2009
Sheepmen are a Special Breed of People
They are gentle because their sheep require it.  They are fierce because conditions are almost always adverse.  They are rugged
because they are outdoorsmen.  They are businessmen because their sheep are their livelihood. They are good providers
because they have the welfare of their families and employees at heart.  Perhaps more than anything else, they are fighters.  They
fight droughts, predators, bad feeding grounds, inflation, depression and every kind of sickness and disease known to sheep.
- Albert Poquette, Sheepman

Gentle fierce fighters - that phrase does indeed describe that very special role that sheepmen and their families have played in
America.  They have come from all walks of life and from widely varied backgrounds.  They have been represented by sophisticated
innovators, roguish entrepreneurs, preserving stalwarts, presidential aspirants.

But most of all, the story of the American sheep industry is the story of families - families loyal to each other and loyal to their sheep
enterprise.  Without suce dedication, the industry would never have survived the obstacles it has encountered since its first
beginnings in the New World to the present day.

What is ahead for the sheep industry? No one can forsee the events that will shape the future of the sheep business.  However
one thing is certain.  As long as American families continue to commit themselves to their flocks with the devotion they have
committed in the past, the American sheep industry will always survive - and succeed.
- American Sheep Producers Council

The above citations are from the Wyoming Wool Growers Association's Historical Phases of the Sheep Industry in Wyoming, 1940.