Pearl Lake 2002
- Fire in the Sky
Pearl Lake - Growing Plumes of Smoke
August 17th evening.  The moving shapes are even
more awesome in the reflection of Pearl Lake than
they are in the sky itself.  (Photos above and below
show the fire plumes changing shape over several
ABOVE - August 17th -
the "cloud" in the left
upper corner is a plume
of smoke over Pearl.
ABOVE R: August 16 - Two plumes of smoke visable in the sky over Pearl.
August 18th - Early
morning photo of Pearl
shows only some light
plumes of smoke.
Within a few minutes, the
haze begins to fill the
area in front of Mt.
Within an hour or so, the smoke is so dense that
visiablilty looking in any direction is very poor -
the auto focus on my camera won't work due to
the dense smoke in all directions!
campgrounds are safe - the dense smoke this
morning is from a temperature inversion causing
smoke from the large fire nearby to fill the Pearl