Pearl Lake State Park
Updated September 16, 2009
Pearl Lake History - On God's Mountain
There was to be ,a shivaree on them that night. Rose said she wouldn't go, as
James wasn't home, but they would come to the 4th of July picnic and dance.
James was home the night before the 4th. He had two days off. Rose baked a bIg
pan of beans and made potato salad for the picnic. They rode in Taylor's wagon
with them. Everyone in the community was there and several people from Snake
River, including finger ir Edna's sister, Etta, her daughter, Betty Faye and
husband, Harold Sprague, who was the manager for the Wyoming Sheep
Company*. Rose got acquainted with the new Mrs. Mahler and her two
daughters, Elsie and Leona, her grown-up son, Hans Wolfe. There was Mr. and
Mrs. Kent and children, Mr. and Mrs. Roberts and her two sisters from back east.
They had leased the Blue Jay Mine from Charley Blackburn. Henry Taylor and
family were back on a vacation to their homestead on the south side of the basin.
Henry was a cousin to Clyde. They were living in Wyoming where he had a job.
So there was at least a hundred people there. The picnic grounds were on the
north side of the hill back of town in a beautiful grove of aspens and pines. Wild
roses and columbines were all in bloom beneath the trees. They spread a canvas
on the grass and soon the women had a bountiful picnic dinner spread. Everyone
filled their plates and sat on the grass under the trees to eat and visit. The
afternoon passed swiftly with games of horse shoes and races. There was a pony
race, a stake race, and the little kids had a sack race and a greased pig race. The
older women caught up on their visiting. Edna, Etta, Rose and some of the
younger girls went to the pool hall and played pool. Etta and Edna were good
players, they gave Rose a lesson in pool. Supper was announced at six and
everyone ate. Then the picnickers walked to the school house to finish their
holiday with a dance. All the tired little kids were put to bed on the desk tops,
while everyone danced. Mrs. Taylor and Miss Kent helped with the music. They
were trained musicians and the music was wonderful. Edna took turns with Rose
on the organ for the square dances and polkas. Rose chorded to the violin and
banjo. Mrs. Roark brought two five gallon freezers of homemade ice cream and
they had ice cream and cake to finish their holiday. (end)
* The Wyoming Sheep Company is most likely an alias for the Cow Creek and Pioneer
Sheep Company whose principle owner was John Kelly Hartt. Harold Sprague (sp) is a
brother of Minnie Pearl Spragg Hartt, the name sake of Pearl Lake State Park. He was
the manager of the Cow Creek and Pioneer Sheep Company during these years and was
married (at this time) to Etta McCarger. They had a child, mom's (Catherine Hartt
Keffeler's) cousin, Betty Faye.
Source: God's Mountain: The Last of the Hahn's Peak Homesteaders by Rose
Wheeler, published in 1973, page 40.