Pearl Lake State Park
Updated September 16, 2009
Minnie Pearl Hartt
M. Pearl Spragg was born in Canada and attended normal schools and then taught school for
several years.  She married John Kelly Falls, Ontario, Canada.  

After the death of John Kelly Hartt in 1952, M. Pearl Hartt moved to Wheatridge, Colorado.  She
was a member of the PEO, an organization promoting education for women, for 50 years.  

My Aunt Marjorie Higley once said of her growing up years: "We lead two lives - our life on Maple
Street in Rawlins, and our life in the Hahn's Peak Basin.  ('Up to the country' mother used to call
it.)  There was a vast difference.  In Rawlins, little ladies wore ruffles and bows, and were
supposed to act like ladies.  We ate three meals a day at a table covered by white cloth.  In
Rawlins, mother always wore a dress, and she smelled like talcum powder, or sachet. At
Hahn's Peak, we wore slacks, acted like tomboys, and ate at a table covered in oilcloth.  Mother
adapted to slacks later, but in those early years she often wore "nickers" tucked into her fishing
boots.  And she smelled like citronella oil, which she used to keep the flies away when she

I remember my grandmother mostly from the summers I spent in Hahn's Peak as a kid growing
up.  The "Hartt Family Headquarters" was always full of life with my aunts and cousins keeping
the home fire burning and grandma, a prize winning fisherwoman until the very end.  ~ Cathy