Pearl Lake State Park
Updated September 16, 2009
Olive Marie Hartt-Harrison
My Aunt Marie was one of my best pals when I was a kid.  She could laugh when I scared her with spiders and frogs!  When I
graduated from the University of Utah in 1989 with my masters in nurse-midwifery, she sent me a special letter which was a real
sign of our closeness years before. The first letter I ever wrote to anyone at age 5 was to my Aunt Marie.  The letter spoke of the birth
process I witnessed in nature growing up in Estes Park.  When I graduated from the University years later, she sent me back that
letter saying simply "I always knew you would do something like this some day so I kept this letter in my safe deposit box for you."   
Marie poses for the camera in
Rawlins, Wyoming
Marie and Louise during the summer at
Hahn's Peak - 1916 or 1917
Marie & trophy: Wyoming State
Spelling Champ - 1925!
1978 photo of 5 Hartt Sisters on the steps of the Hartt Family Headquarters on the shores
of Pearl Lake.  From L to R:  Marie, Marge, Lou, Catherine (Kay) and Pearl.
Boggs - her great niece.
Taken at Hahn's Peak