Pearl Lake State Park
Updated September 16, 2009
Marjorie Rebecca Hartt-Higley
My Aunt Marge is someone I didn't get to know very well until I was an adult.  I always admired that she was a involved in the
newspaper industry - wrote for the Lander, Wyoming paper.  I remember her telling me  "Wyoming wants to be like all the other
states and at the same time all the other states want to be like Wyoming."  She married Chuck Higley, who was involved with the
management of John Kelly Hartt's sheep businesses.  By the 50th year on incorporation of the Pioneer Sheep Company (1947), my
Uncle Chuck was the ranch manager.   
The photo to the left is Marge as a baby with
her mother, Minnie Pearl Hartt.  Below and to
her mother, Minnie Pearl Hartt.  Below and to
the left are four Hartt sisters on a swing in
Pearl and Marge   
Marge in ruffles? - The above photo was
taken in Rawlins in the back yard on Maple
St.  From L to R - Marie, Marge and Pearl.
Posing with the family car are Marge, Grandma Spragg (Minnie
Pearl's mother), Pearl and Marie.
L to R - "Bob (dog)", Chuck, Marge and
daughter, Martha.