Pearl Lake State Park
Updated September 16, 2009
Frances Louise Hartt-Mitchell
My Aunt Louise had a special connection with my mom, Catherine (Kay).  They had a "camp" near the summer headquarter's at
Hahn's Peak called Kay-Lou camp.  When I was born, mom gave me the name Louise as a middle name after my Aunt Lou.  I recall
staying with Aunt Lou frequently as a kid when we would come to Denver.
baby buggy - taken in Rawlins,
Wyoming.  To the left is a photo of a
Hartt sister camping trip from 1934 -
Hahn's Peak - from L to R are Dot, Lou,
?, Pearl and Kay (Catherine). To the
right is a photo of a horseback ride up
Mount Farwell (near Hahn's Peak) -
from L to R are Dotty Hartt, Lou and
Obysue Higley.  Taken in the 1940's.
Rough Landing?  Above is an early photo
taken near Hahn's Peak.  From L to R - Lou,
Grandma Spragg (Minnie Pearl's mother)
and Marge.  
Lou enjoying a piece of
summer watermellon
at Hahn's Peak.
sisters.  From L to R Marge, Marie, Louise and