Pearl Lake State Park
Updated September 16, 2009
A Visit to the Hahn's Peak Museum 2001 - Page 5
As a kid, I remember hearing the name Herman Mahler when I
spent the summers in Hahn's Peak.  He was a somewhat
infamous character, from what I understand.  Above and top left are
his saloon and fiddle.
RIGHT:  This young customer was at Rilla's store the
morning of my visit and insisted on showing me his
puppet friend.  Rilla stands in the doorway of her
store, looking on.

BELOW:  An old ore bucket from the Hahn's Peak
Mining District ( 1880's) decorates the lawn of the
Tread of the Pioneer's Museum 30 miles south in
Steamboat Springs.
From my visit with Rilla
at the Hahn's Peak
Museum, I head for a
hike up Hahn's Peak
mountain- click link in