Pearl Lake State Park
Updated September 16, 2009
A Visit to the Hahn's Peak Museum 2001 - Page 4
LEFT & ABOVE:  Sheep bells found at
Cow Creek headquarters.  Notice the
different shapes.  The round bell (R
upper corner) was used when
standard bells were not available.  
Loaned by the Rochefort family.
ABOVE:  Sheep shears before the advent of modern electric clippers.  Thousands of sheep were
sheared each season with only these hand operated clippers.
LEFT: The ore collection of mom's "Aunt Etta"
McCarger. Aunt Etta was originally married to
Harold Spragg (brother to Minnie Pearl Hartt
and manager of Cow Creek Sheep).  Aunt
Etta was also sisters to teacher Edna
Trullinger.  Many different types of ore from
the region are in the display.