Pearl Lake State Park
Updated September 16, 2009
A Visit to the Hahn's Peak Museum 2001 - Page1
LEFT: A visit to the Hahn's Peak
museum would not be complete without
a local history lesson provided by long
time resident and museum cutator, Rilla
Wiggins.  This Saturday (August 18,
2001), she gave a slide show for visitors
at the old Hahn's Peak school house.

BELOW:  Next to the school house is the
museum and inside there are many
items related to the history of Pearl Lake.
 The sign in this photo is on a case that
is filled with historic relics from the Cow
Creek and Pioneer Sheep Company,
owned by John Kelly Hartt.  
THE SIGN (ABOVE) READS:  Cow Creek and Pioneer Sheep Companies
The first sizeable herds of sheep to be brought to Hahn's Peak were those of the Cow Creek and
Pioneer Sheep Companies, owned principally by John K. Hartt and managed, first by F. Harold
Spragg and later by Charles H. Higley.  From 1911 until the late 1950's these companies played a
big part in the economy of the area, purchasing most of their summer supplies through the stores at
Columbine and Hahn's Peak.  Each summer the hills and meadows were filled with the sounds and
smells of more than ten thousand ewes and lambs.  Separated into ten or twelve individual
bunches, the sheep were watched over by Mexican herders and camp movers.  The Company
headquarter buildings were located on Lester Creek, now Pearl Lake.
LEFT & RIGHT:  The sign
reads "Top hat and stand
owned by Arthur S. Spragg
and loaned by the Hartt
family."  Spragg was  Minnie
Pearl (Spragg) Hartt's father
and mom's grandfather - and
was involved with Cow Creek
Sheep Company.