Pearl Lake State Park
Updated September 16, 2009
I Climbed Hahns Peak! - Page 2
No website about Hahn's Peak mountain would seem complete without a special dedication to Rose Wheeler, author of a
now out-of-print book entitled God's Mountain about the very early days of Hahn's Peak life.  The first page of her book is a
poem she wrote about Hahn's Peak, dedicated to her husband, children and grandchildren. Here it is:

God's Mountain

I look up at the mountain,
And my soul with rapture fills,
For as I gaze, it seems
That God is smiling down on me.

I look up at God's mountain,
It takes away my fears,
For my heart is filled with peace again,
As I know that He is near.

I look up at Hahn's Peak mountain,
As it pierces the heavens blue,
And I think of our love for each other,
And of you so dear and true.

Though God has taken you from me,
I feel your presence near,
As I look up at His mountain,
That you always held so dear.

(I would like to re-dedicate Rose Wheeler's poem to my own family (the Hartts), who spent summers in the shadow of the
mountain for many years - pioneers along side Rose Wheeler's family.)