Pearl Lake 2002
- Fire in the Sky
Dedicated to the Routt County
Fire Fighters & Forest Service
On the morning of 8/18/02, Routt
County Fire Fighters and Forest Service
Personnel stand ready to continue
fighting the Mount Zirkel Fire Complex
with smoke visiable from the Pearl
Lake region - and two other fires in
Routt County. The photos on this page
were taken at Clark, CO - Notice the
thick smoke in the background of both
photos.  The year 2002 is a year with
bad droughts and some of the largest
fires ever in our beautiful State.  
Firefighters across Colorado have
risked their lives in the line of protecting
Colorado citizens. This page is
dedicated to those men and women -
especially those from Routt County,
Colorado.  For more photos of the
smoke from the fires - visit our other
photo pages.