Pearl Lake State Park
Updated September 16, 2009
Cathy Hartt - Website Editor
I wanted to take this page to tell you a bit more about myself.  To
the left is a photo of myself and my cousin Patrick Okey at the
"Hartt Family Headquarters" at Hahn's Peak Basin. My cousin
Harriet (Holmquist) and Aunt Marie are looking on.  I spent the
summers there as a kid growning up.  Those were wonderful
times filled with my grandma, aunts and cousins.  As the frogs
or short-sheeting beds while up at the cabin.  Our favorite frog
hunting place was Lester Creek, where Pearl Lake is now
located. This photo was taken on grandma's 80th birthday in
To the right is a photo of my own two daughters
and I at the Hartt family reunion, which was held in
cousin Harriet Neil (Holmquist).  From L to R are
Erica Catherine Ferron (my youngest born
6/26/79), me - of course, and Stephanie Anne
Ferron (my eldest born 10/1/77).  We are sporting
our official Hartt Family tee shirts in this photo!
To the left is Erica the day she commissioned as
an officer in the US Navy - she started ROTC in
Jr. High!.   And to the right are Stephanie and I on
the day she commissioned in the US Air Force.  
Both have now left the millitary.   Steph is now
about to complete her BSN in Nursing and
married to Aaron Dibble and has one daughter
(Maia Dibble) and a step son, Jamie.  
Granddaughter, Maia, smiles (below)
TO THE LEFT: The first photo is me with one
of the babies I delivered as a nurse-midwife
from 1989-2005.  I delivered close to 2,000
LPN to RN program for
Mesa State College
Montrose, CO Campus. The larger photo is
of me with the nursing students for our 2006
Nurses Day Celebration.   I also have a
private health, life and business coaching
practice (
Empower! Health, Life and
Business Coaching) in Montrose and edit a
web and
local newsletter as an adjunct to my
coaching.  For more updates on my family -
click here!