Pearl Lake State Park
Updated September 16, 2009
Pearl Hartt-Holmquist
My Aunt Pearl was someone I always admired.  She had such a spark for life!  I will always credit her for teaching me many excellent
values.  She taught me to be strong and independent.  I also think I inherited my flair for journalism and photography partially from
her! For many years, Aunt Pearl and I carried out a tradition of spending Thanksgiving together at her home.  Our annual holiday
gathering took place in many different locations over the years - including Rawlins and Encampment, Wyo., Steamboat Springs, CO
and Albuquerque, NM.  
Pearl with family in Rawlins, Wyo: From L to R:
Marie, Pearl, Grandma Spragg Minnie Pearl's
mother) and Marge
Pearl posing in Rawlins, Wyoming
Pearl enters high school in
Rawlins 1925
Pearl at niece Cathy Gr Jct,
CO 1975
Pearl in the cabin at Hahns Peak in the
late 1960s.