Pearl Lake 2002
- Fire in the Sky
A Trip to Hahn's Peak and Columbine with My Friends from
James P. Beckwourth  Hiking Club in Denver
a visit to the Hahn's Peak
Museum where we find former
area school teacher, Edna
Trillinger's, skis and a table
donated by the Hartt family serves
as the sign-in table for visiters.  
(Edna was my mother's aunt
Etta's sister.)
Next stop (photos to the bottom
left) is the old school house in
Hahn's Peak with piano.

Thanks Rilla - for the great tour!
Hahn's Peak Village!
visit with Janice at
the Columbine Shop
- and a look around
the historic area!

Thanks for the
hospitality, Janice!