Pearl Lake State Park
Updated September 16, 2009
Dorothy Matilda Hartt-Okey
Aunt Dotty was the youngest of the Hartt Sisters.  From what I remember, she always seemed to have that smile on her face, even
when my cousin Patrick (her son) and I were soaked with mud from our frog hunting adventures.  She and my Uncle Homer Okey
the construction business, r
esponsible for building the first high school, courthouse, first hospital and one of several jails the
married at my mom and dad's home in California.  My Uncle Homer's family came from Montrose, CO where they were pioneers in
community had over the years.  For more info about that Western Colorado history -  
for an article in my women's health newsletter.
The yard at 103 Maple,  Rawlins, Wyo
- Dotty with big sister and bunny.
Dotty, Kay (Catherine) and Lou on "Clobber" -
1924 or 25 - Summertime in Hahn's Peak
Dotty in high school -  in
Rawlins, Wyo.    
Above: Photos of my Aunt Dotty's wedding day.  She is pictured with my Grandma Pearl Hartt and Homer
Okey in my mom's home in California.

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