The History of
Pearl Lake State Park,  
Place Names: Dead Mexican Park near Hahns Peak
Dead Mexican Park - The Story Behind the Name:
One story on the origin of this place name is that it was so named
because two Mexican sheep hearders were murdered in their camp
at this location about 1913 by a drunken camp mover who had
gambled theri wages and his own in a poker game at Columbine.  
On his return to camp about midnight he decided the easiest way out
was to kill both herders in their beds, which he did.  Then he ate
supper and put all the camp on fire and the herders on top of
everything.  Stanley Brock, Ranger, saw the smoke and the next
morning rode in to investigate.  He found the herders bodies partially
consumed by fire.  The camp mover had pulled out but was later
captured by Emery Clark, the Sherrif of Routt County.  He was brought
to trial the following spring at Steamboat Springs but had made so
many friends during the months that he was a "trusty" that he only got
5 years in Canon City.

After he had been released from Canon City he herded on the White
River and met his death in the same manner that he had used to
dispose of the herders at Dead Mexican park.  Elmer Stevenson,
Ranger at Yampa, saw the smoke and found the body, burned in two
over the camp fire.  

Reference: The History of the Routt National Forest 1905-1975.
The Ghost Town of Dad, Wyoming
Dad, Wyoming was one sheering
site for Cow Creek and Pioneer
Sheep Company.  Compare the early
1900's photo (left) to the 2005 photos.